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Short movie im planning on making, need helpful ideas

Hi guys, my school has a nice movie program. I’m working on a script right now thats in development, when its finished i’ll try to show it on here. But the plot to the story is about this Teenager named Michael. Michael has been seeing very violent and odd images and dreams of the past and of the future. Michaels 3 friends got murdered the previous year. But in reality Michael is the one that murdered his friends. Michael is schizophrenic and is really crazy. One day michael sees this guy named Richey. Richey says he is Michaels Alter ego, his crazy side. Michael doesnt believe it at first but then threw time he starts to kind of believe it. Michael best friend and his most loyal friend is Alex. Alex wasnt murdered at the time cause he was in vegas with his family attending his cousins wedding. When Alex got back Michael told him in a way like he doesnt know who did it when in reality he did it. Richey takes Michael in the past and shows him what he did and then brings him into the future and shows him what he must do and that is kill alex like he did his other friends cause Richey says Alex will know what happened and will destroy Michael and turn him into the police or even kill Michael for protection. Michael keeps on having these dreams and seeing these wierd images of his dead friends. At the end of the movie Michael goes crazy and starts to chase and find Alex threw these huge woods. And in the end Alex has to kill Michael so he gets these handcuffs and grabs this big stick and finds Michael and knocks him to the ground and then grabs Michaels axe and kills him.

That is the basic plot to my movie. It will be heavinly inspired by Kubrick and some David Lynch. Our schools editing software is real good. I will not only make this movie wierd and scary and dark. But it will be really artistic. Our editing software has this thing were we can change the color of the video. And there is this one filter that makes things like alot more in HD and look alot brighter and more bright and colorful, that will be the color. When Richey takes Michael in the past and in the future there will be a big white flash and suddenly everything will be in black and white. And the dreams that he has which takes place in the same area each time. Will have an old 60s 70s kind of scratchly look but it will also be alot darker and more gritty. So thats what i’m comming up with in the future any feedback will be good ill try to finish the script and show it to you. Any ideas and constuctive criticism will be great. And when my movie is finished ill put it up on youtube and send you the link. And BTW hello to everyone cause im new to this board and i love Tarantino.

Sounds like it might be a pretty interesting horror movie. Keep us updated.

Sounds like a decent idea. Reminded me a bit of Donnie Darko sort of

but still with plenty of room for originality. It’s kinda hard to give advice

or criticism when you’re still in the early stages of it but since you say you

need it.

[quote]At the end of the movie Michael goes crazy and starts to chase and find Alex threw these huge woods.[/quote]

Isn’t he crazy the whole way through?

[quote]When Richey takes Michael in the past and in the future there will be a big white flash and suddenly everything will be in black and white.[/quote]

I’d leave these moments the same as the rest of the movie to kinda create confusion.

Make it alittle harder to tell what’s already happened, what’s happening now, and

what’ s going to happen. Make it get harder and harder to tell what’s real and what’s

not as Michael starts to lose touch with reality. Get the audience alittle more in Michael’s


It might be a cool twist if at the end of it we learn that neither Michael or Richey are real

they’re both personalities inside Alex’s head. Now that Michael’s gone it’s just Alex and Richey

fighting for control.

How long is this gonna be?


there. That’s Alec Baldwin’s cell number. I told him about your flick and I think he’d be excellent for the lead role. Give’m a call. Just say Joseph gave you the number and he’ll know who you are

dont ever say I never did anything for you B)

Thanks for all the feed back. Dex that was really helpful. I can see what you mean. Make it confusing make people try to figure out them selfs whats real and whats reality. Also i like the idea of twist in the end which was kind of neat. But yea for the whole thing with the flashback and your feedback to that. Did you mean you thought it would be better for the whole white flash thing to be gone and the whole black and white thing and Richey telling Michael that he is taking him to the past and of the future be gone and changing it to have it just be like every other scene. Like its the same exact scene orginally but its done like its actually happening and its not having the white flash and Richey telling him that hes going to the future and the past cause if thats what you were saying in some aspect i think thats cool cause people really wouldnt know whats going on, they couldnt tell if thats real or not. But yea if that is what your saying in some aspect. What examples would you have on how the scene would run with all of that white flashes and stuff gone.

Also Michael is crazy all the way around but he’s a scitzo like he has a split personality. And I was going make it be like Richey was Michael like he’s crazy side and at the end Michael like turns in to Richey. Thats what i had in mind

Lol Joseph is that really Alec Baldwin’s cell. If it is and you called him, then im kind of worried that my film would be made with out my knowledge. But that probably wont happen…i think.

What if Michael didn’t kill his friends? What if he is crazy but Alex and some other dude were driving him further insane so he takes the blame for the murders. We don’t know this until the end. Then Alex tells him he has to confess and Michael says he knows what he has to do and at the end kills Alex and the other dude.

PS If you use this and become famous you better give me cred and let me be your partner. 8)

So what ever happened to this movie?