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Short film+music video

Hey guys a few weeks ago me and other friends from school made a little short film. Our school had a film fest May 1st. Every year our school has a 48 hour contest with all the schools in the district and a film fest for just our school to get money for more equipment. I lost my copy of the DvD but I was informed by my friend Ben McCoy that he burned a copy and put it on youtube and told me today it got put on.

I dont know if this is a music video or a short movie/silent short. Its not a traditional music video but there is no dialogue just music playing to the footage but the footage and our movie follows a story so its not a traditional music video idk whatever but the music in the background is “Where I end and you begin” by Radiohead. Tell me what you think and give me some feed back if you have some thanks.

Nice. It leaves me with a feeling of relief. Relief that you guys are acting these sort or homicidal tendencies in film, rather than real life.

Nice job though. Who came up with the idea for those artsy shots in the middle? The ones of the woods, and in b/w?

I thought of the black and white flashback cause it was a flashback so i thought it would of fit. My friend lives right near those woods so when we wrote it we wanted a cool location that was close by and the woods came to mind and since there was water we decided to have the the main actor (the bald kid) be drowned in the water.

BTW the scene where he is drowned isn’t actually from the pond where he was washing his hands. That pond water is really dirty and a ton of people including ourselves have always pissed and spat in the water if we were in the woods and had to go. So the last night of shooting it was late and we needed to figure out what we should do for that drowning shot. I had a black sweat shirt on and so I laid my sweatshirt in a bathtub and then filled the bathtub up full of water and shot a CU from an above angle so it just shows the water and the hand holding onto the head and it looks like dirty water.

I enjoyed that nice one :slight_smile: