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Shaun Of The Dead refrence!

I watched Shaun Of The Dead and then I played Death Proof just for kicks. And the Eli Roth and the other guy what’s his name…? Mumbly Adams, Stepper Masterfson…? ???

Anywho that scene was just like the Shaun and Ed scene at the pub where they are making fun of the ex-Porn star lady. There’s even that burst of laughter after every joke.

Yes that was it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Shaun of the death, cool movie… I really like the britanic sense of humor. That scene is funny, the guys at the pub talking bout the glorious past of the losers… but the best scene is:

SotD is the BOMB! I find references to that flick in places there truly aren’t references… Obsessed. So I just dismissed this scene in Death Proof as another one of those.