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Serj Tankian

You know him as the frontman for System Of A Down - which no longer exists by the way. Daron Malakian and Shavo Odadjian - (they’re Armenians) - formed a new band called SCARS.

But who cares about them! Now Serj Tankian returns with his solo album “Elect The Dead” - the new single is out and let me tell you, it’s on hellva album. I’ve been a huge fan of System since the first album - but Serj makes the band not those other goons. Hear the new single here:

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It’s called “The unthinking majority”

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“Empty Walls” - a song about the 9/11 incident on the Twin towers.

The new album is released in October 10th. Here’s the site:

What song did he perform at the VMA’s? I’m surprised the full album hasn’t leaked onto

the internet yet.

There’s a couple of tracks that you can download, the unthinking majority and empty walls. But his album will be fantastic, I have no doubt about that.

A new single from Elect The Dead was released a few days ago on youtube, it’s such a powerful song and video.

SOAD has just taken a break! they have not split up, well you could say they have split up but the band members has said they will return sometime in some years.

SOAD havn’t broken up they just on hiatus like slipknot were between albums so members can work on different shit, im not quite a big fan of his solo stuff its a bit too odd for me, glad he didn’t get the final say with all the system albums