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Seriously, Listen to's gold

Its of higher quality. How much you like violence or Alabama being portrayed as more violent may impact how much higher you view the quality of the Director’s cut to be.

They added a lot to the Drexyl-Clarence scene, too.

The Director’s Cut? Whatever. I’m mad they still left half of the “pussy-eating” scene out. It’s almost as funny as the Cicilian scene, especially when Drexyl shoots the dog. Priceless.

Sidenote: I just noticed that the version I’d always been watching is the unrated Directors Cut. I have never seen the theatrical version…oops…

Ive got the dvd and Ive listened to the QT commentary twice. I think it`s great.

[quote]Oh while your at it, listen to this…its gold. My friend sent me a forward with this Url. Pretty entertaining…[/quote]

Thats AWESOME! All the cool lines from QTs movies! Thanks for the link! 8)

i don’t think i’ve ever seen a version without the pussy eatin’ scene in it. TR was my first taste of QT i was 14 my older brother brought me to see it and from then on out its always ranked as my favorite movie of all time. I can honestly say that every single time i’ve ever spoken to someone(anyone) about movies the first movie i bring up is true romance. and when they take my advice they always thank me for puttin’ em on to something that dope. as fucked as it sounds i am glad QT didn’t direct it, i absolutely love it the way it is. out of sequence would have not been the best thing for this film. just becuz thats how QT made his mark doesn’t mean he jhas to do it every time. come on QT do it when its needed, please. the reason why i think it worked so grest in pulp is becuz lets say you watch pulp and its in chronological order and you know JUles just quit and you know vince is dead why the fuck would you watch the rest of the movie? i remember seein it and bein like what the fuck no more travolta i kinds hope it ends pretty soon then BAM! QT suprises with a gift of the greatest on scene conversation since 12 angry men. totally differnt but equally as memorable/

I want to see this movie.