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Selling a script?

Ok so the script is finished but what do you do then?..Do you send it to places like miramax or do you try and get a agent first then send it to movies companies? Has anyone been successful at this? Bottomline what do you do with a script you want to sell (assuming its that good?)

There’s a link to a discussion on the subject, but it doesn’t answer your question. I’ve been all over the web looking for the same answer and this is my plan based on what I have read.

  1. after the script is perfect. -use script posting sites like zoetrope and triggerstreet and screenwriters utopia to help you with feedback and typos etc. Refine that baby.

  2. Now it’s a good time to write a treatment and a summary and a logline for your script. I’ve found the hardest to be a treatment. But I’ve read that every scene should be about a paragraph. Here’s a link that explaines more. <LINK_TEXT text=“ … atment.htm”></LINK_TEXT>.

    A summary is just that and it’s SHORT!!!. Three or five sentences. Your logline is the hardest. You have to give a feel for the story and make the agent, script reader want to read the script. Here’s a link. <LINK_TEXT text=“ … gline.html”></LINK_TEXT>

  3. With these two things done. You can enter your script in contests. Preferably ones with feedback. If you get honarable mention or hopefully win one you can include it on your query letter.

  4. THE QUERY LETTER. This is the letter you send to production houses and agents. Here’s a link on how to write one. I can tell you, they are hard.

    After writing your QL, send it out to various production houses, agents etc. You should include a self addressed post card with each letter. So they can reply to you without spending cash to let you know if they want to read your script.

  5. Finding the names and addresses of people to send your QL can be quite hard. This is a valuable link. How old the numbers and contacts are, I DON’T KNOW. But it’s a start.

    Call the numbers of these agencys and companies to find out who is in charge of submitting new scripts. You need his name, title, address, phone number. Remember to tell them Your name and ask the name of the person your talking too. Be VERY polite and professional. Some companies don’t take unrepresented scripts. No agent, no go. So call agents. Starting there or independant production houses is your best bet.

    You’re gonna need an agent before Miramax is gonna read your stuff. Same thing with any of the big names. You can try their smaller sister companies. There is a book called “Agents Directory” you can get it at Amazon. <LINK_TEXT text=“ … e&n=283155”></LINK_TEXT>

    That’s alot of info. Hope it helps.

Oh yeah. Don’t forget to register your script with the writers guild or have it copywrited or both.

What is the average price producers are willing to pay for a screenplay, providing it’s a good one?

It depends on who the producers are.

But Hollywood’ish, feasible, original, well-written scripts that are very marketable usually go anywhere between $75,000 - $1,000,000.

I think 50,000 is the lowest they can buy it for. I’m not sure about that though.