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See the BANNERS! Part 1

Okay in the Banner topic people finally started posting their new made Banners for the site.

For the next days, I will post the banners here, to show what the guys have made.

I closed this topic after this post, discuss and post it in the other topic.

The admin can choose the best ones for his Banner Site. This topic is only temporary for the upcoming renewed Banner collection. If you wanna use them right now, don´t forget to write in the url… If you don´t know how to link from a Banner to our site, pm the admin or just me.

Please, please, post more in the other topic. C´mon guys, we have 3.500 members and only 3 guys are ready to make some…

  1. made by VINCE_VEGA:

  2. made by VINCE_VEGA:

  3. made by VINCE_VEGA:

  4. made by VINCE_VEGA:

  5. made by VINCEVEGA:

  6. made by LetsGoToWork:

  7. made by LetsGoToWork:

    8.) made by VINCE_VEGA:

  8. made by LetsGoToWork:

  9. made by LetsGoToWork:

  10. made by VINCE_VEG:

  11. made by VINCE_VEGA:

  12. made by ClarenceWorley:

  13. made by Johnny_Exhale

  14. made by LetsGoToWork:

  15. made by LetsGoToWork:

  16. made by LetsGoToWork:

  17. made by LetsGoToWorg:

  18. made by Clarence Worley:

  19. made by LetsGoToWork:

  20. made by LetsGoToWork:

  21. made by LetsGoToWork:

  22. made by Vince_Vega:

  23. made by LetsGoToWork:

  24. made by LetsGoToWork:

26) made by LetsGoToWork:

27) made by. LetsGoToWork:

28) made by Fatale:

29) made by. LetsGoToWork:

30) made by. LetsGoToWork:

31) made by LetsGoToWork:

32) made by Vince Vega:



33) made by Vince Vega:

34) made by JessumCrowe:

35) made by Vince Vega:

36) made by Vinve Vega:

Winning banners will be categorized in:

  1. Best Banner
  2. Runners up: Top 5 banners
  3. Out-of-competition: official selection
  4. Editor’s pick

And we have this one:

made by LetsGoToWork

This is the first “See the Banners!” Topic.

we now have a newer one for the new contest.