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Searching for a wallpaper!

Hi, I’m searching since weeks for a FROM DUSK TILL DAWN Wallpaper in 1024x768 with the classic poster image with Seth, Ritchie and their guns, the Titty Twister and the flying bats.

I would be SOOOOOO happy when someone could find or design such a wallpaper / desktop background!

Thank you, brothers!

Don’t make me sad, fellas :frowning: . There must be a fuckin’ wallpaper in the world wide web!

Try google? Go to advanced search option and they’ll be some options that’ll allow to serach for bigger images (wallpaper sized.)

Sorry, but I didn’t found any wallpaper for From Dusk Till Dawn.

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … er01.shtml”></LINK_TEXT>

Thank ya, brother! That’s not the original motive, but its pretty cool.