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I got an idea for a movie: It’s called “A Swedish Tale” and it’s in the same style as “Badlands” and “Natural Born Killers”. The plot: Two foster kids i sweden has two morbid foster parents. One is a girl called Selene. The other is a boy named Zed( he-he). The two are not relatives. One day, Selene kills the foster parents and she and Zed goes on a killing-spre around Sweden, a coutry that is not used to these kinds of events. I got the basic for the story and i have the opening and ending scene finished. The story shall be narreted by “The ghost of Bonnie Parker” and one issue is our violent modern world, but i want more good subjects. Can somebody help me?

I see these kinds of threads a lot but never really understand what the poster wants. Are you looking for a writing partner or are you just trying to get people to brainstorm ideas for you?

I think you’re more likely to get help if you actually have something written. I think most people are more willing to read what you wrote and give you advice than they are to just write it for you.

You should join a writing group viking. They’re supposed to be lots of help, and there are many online.

I should join a writing group too. I need some good cannibal puns and one-liners for my current script. Think I’ll take my own advice. ;D