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Screenwriting Websites

Does anyone know of any helpful screenwriting websites?

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Hi Damo

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Hope you enjoy the board. Have fun! has some good suggestions on what programs/techniques to use

Does anyone know of any helpful screenwriting websites?[/quote]

Helpful in what way?

If you’re referring for technical assistance, regarding formatting and structure, then you probably want to use link in Johny_Exhale2’s post.

But if you’re looking for an online community of writers, check out Francis Ford Coppola’s: AMERICAN ZOETROPE

They have an online community of screenwriters, workshops etc. There’s others on the Net as well. But give this site a look-see.

Also, if you get to the point of trying to find Producers, Agents & Managers to check out your script (once you have it registered with the Writers Guild of America), but you don’t have any representation, you can put your work online at this site, where Industry folks go to look for unrepresented Writers and scripts at INKTIP.COM!

Good Luck!


Great screenwriting forum there as well.

Its an awesome site. People post their screenplays and short films and then everyone else reviews them. Kevin Spacey has something to do with the site (funding or it was his idea or something) but check it out.

This has great atricles on developing and strengthening elements of the screenplay, and lots of other advice and such.

Check it out!