Screensaver! Please!

The banners you guys made were really cool! So here is my next wish!

Could some of you make some

[size=160]Quention Tarantino SCREENSAVER.[/size]


Maybe Seb could host them on his site and people can d/l them! That would be great. Fans of QT could find some fucking good screensaver on this site!

Anybody out there who is able to do it?

C´mon guys, some of you are are talented enough!

I think since the banners were more of an individual effort we should get into groups or something to make a screensaver, if someone knows Shockwave or whatever else you could use to make a screensaver, I’d be happy to supply some graphics…

This is a very good idea! Maybe people who are interested, could post here.

IMO there are people out there, who would like to participate, but donßt know enough about this work.

Can´t we open a topic in the Chat board in which someone starts to explain a little bit about all this things?

You mean like what programs to use/assign teams to work on stuff? That would be a good idea, you should start a topic up and I’ll post some information.

I just opened in the Chat board t10 new topics about the making of




Feel free to discuss problems and ideas about the making there. Would be nice, if Clarence come up with some expalinations…

If you wanna have some customized stuff, please pm the guys. This topics here are only for supporting out board.

Please, if you think about helping out to create screensavers - even if you fell unsure, how talented you are - post here.

I´m pretty sure, that we can make something great, if people work together.