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Screenplay Collaboration

Wondering if anybody would be interested in collabing on a screenplay. Im open to ideas and styles right now, just wanna work on an idea with somebody while I wait for film school right now. Action Adventure, horror ect. Have my own ideas but like I said im open.

maybe you could give us a little peice of your previous attempts at screenwriting, just to see how good you are, you could call it advertising. like it wouldn’t make much sense collaborating with a moron (i’m not calling you a moron i just want to see what kind of stuff your into and what type of stuff you write about).

If anybody is interested in collaboration Id be glad to send them a portion of my writing. There is no point in putting it up if nobody is interested.

I’d be interested, would you like me to send you something i’ve written?

okay, Ill send you something swordfish, send me a pm with your email, and I’ll hand it off.

yeah i would love to collorabate on a screenplay

Hey, I would love to collaborate on a screenplay if anyone is in the New Jersey area. Im very serious and have been thinking a collaboration would be very fun. Anyone in the area who is looking for a collaboration in any genre pm me. I am the king of irony.