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Saw FDTD for the first time

i finaly rented it after many months of just looking at it. simple awsome, that first scene in the store is just so cool and has all of Q.T style and the diologe is so good. and it even has a trunk shot. yes i must admit i wasnt expecting that vampire shit but its not like it stuffed the movie, i thought it was nice how the story change. the only band thing was that the vampire effects are fucked and what the fuck did they do to salmas face when she turns to vampire, it looks like some alien.

ow and tarantino forum admin the special edition in Aus is not 2 discs

bout time someone aprreciated the second half.

I mean come on, how can you NOT love people killing vampires with condums and waterguns filled with holy water?

It’s da bestest.

da greastest vampire killing sequence in all movie history.

If you havn’t seen this movie, get it NOW.

how awsome is the table gag when frost impales four vamps on the table legs

how awesome was that when the vampire died on the pool table and he evaporated, and his remaining eyeballs went into the pockets

Finally some FDTD appreciation that goes all the way!!!

NO bastards that are dissing the movie for the wrong reasons!!

‘all right vampire killers lets kill some fucking vampires!!!’

Its a super cool movie. Nothing more nothing less.

I just saw it yesterday. I LOVE Quentin Tarantino more than ever now. The dialogue, shots, story, just everything.

I’m a person who turns their head away when there’s gore in a scene, but I did that only twice through this film. The rest of time, I watched it. I was shocked.

Straight to the point: Great, great movie!

Though I liked the first half the most, the 2nd half is definitely cool as well. Very funny sometimes… I really loved George Clooney in this one, with one of the most fucking awesome tatoes i ever saw 8)

my parents didnt like me getting the movie. so they kinda ruined the second half for me making me feel guilty for getting it. ill have to watch it again to enjoy it more. when keitel, clooney, and the kids got the weapons: badass 8)

Man, you have to see the second half of Dusk completely stoned to fully enjoy it. There are so many intentional things that don’t make any sense that it’s fucking hilarious. Like:

1.) The band exploding

2.) Keitel’s delayed transformation

3.) Juliette’s perfect crossbow-aim

4.) When Juliette shoots her brother, all the vampires sucking his blood explode for no reason.

5.) Salma’s hair  completely messed up after the dance and one second later it becomes fully combed and straight again.

6.) Salma about to fall at one point when dancing with the snake. (watch closely!).

7.) Razor Charlie’s eyeballs falling in the billiard pockets.

8.) The completely fake-looking torso Clooney throws away before talking to his dead brother.

9.) Frost killing a vampire with a fucking pencil.

10.) Salma’s vampire version resembling a snake for no apparent reason.

Seems as if Robert and QT wanted to throw in as much cheesiness as possible so as to make the perfect horror b-movie.

And the best part when your stoned- Salma Hayek’s strip dance. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

[quote]4.) When Juliette shoots her brother, all the vampires sucking his blood explode for no reason. [/quote]

i thought maybe she hit the holy water

I saw “From Dusk Till Dawn” for the first time on my 18th birthday,on June 9th 1996. It was my birthday present for myself and it has stayed with me ever since.

The 2nd half wasn’t bad; it just took too much time to get to the actual Vampires and everything felt rushed after that because so much was spent on the 2 leads kidnapping the family and trying to evade the law.

The vampires were cool. I saw it long ago in cinema I was 9. That was awesome. I loved the vampire part very much, you know how kids enjoy such things. And I remember writing a review about the movie and almost the whole thing was about Richie, because I liked him very much. And I was laughing when he looked through the bullet-hole in his arm.

Got to admit: I haven’t seen it for about two or three years. I’ll watch it as soon as possible again.

The Vampire bit was alright - bit messy though, could have been better.

The Vampire bit was alright - bit messy though, could have been better.

Could have not have been

Yeah, could have been a lot more blood :stuck_out_tongue: