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Hi, I read Quentin was a follower of the Church of Fandel. I looked it up on google. It could

be true. It seems Nicolas Cage, Neve Campbell and the late River Phoenix are also members. Anybody got any news?

Uh, what the fuck? Where did you hear this from?

If he is, its probably just as a joke. Like, apparently there’s a “Church of the Lion King” or whatever. Anyone who would join that is doing it tongue in cheek, or they’re absolutely insane.

I mean, the “church” website is hosted off of Geocities for heaven sakes!

I think a looooooooooooong time ago there was a site called Church of Quentin Tarantino or something. Like back in the mouthfuckin day when Netscape v1.0Beta was ruleing and shit.

And if Quentin got himself mixed with religion of any type then I would be dissapointed in him.

I dun wanna sound like a peice of shit, but sometimes people need religion to go on, i know QT went through a horrible depression when he was waiting to shoot Kill Bill, maybe he found God in that time, sometimes thats all u need.

Now im sure im gonna get blasted from people saying that God isnt real and stuff, just read A Skeptics Search for God, it was written by an atheist.