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Rumor: Tarantino to make Silent Hill movie

Hello everyone, I’m new to forum’s other than gaming. I’m a huge fan of Tarantino, and I thought I’d stop by here for a bit!

So I hear rumor’s of Tarantino getting together with the creator’s of the horror game Silent Hill. Ive done some research and only see more rumor’s, no answers. Does anyone here know or have heard of these thing’s?

The existence of Silent Hill as a movie has always been a rumor in itself. Tarantino being involved is an unsubstantiated rumor

especially because Tarantino wanted to make some kind of italian horror movie, or “Giallo”, whatever that means…

but its the first time i hear of Tarantion and Silent Hill, and I am not aware of any interview where QT would’ve mentioned this. so this is not even a rumor, its a rumor of a rumor-rumor or something

I know , it’s like I’m going in circles with it. I guess that’s all it is, a rumor, dangit!