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Rose McGowan promoting the UK release in ARENA magazine july


In reality, she gives me the creeps. Seriously, she’s scaring. I understand why she’s been dating so long Manson. :-X

She seems like a fun person from her interview with Seb.

Glad to see you back pete :wink:

Rose is pretty damn hot

Thanks me! :slight_smile:


Rose is pretty damn hot

yea id fuck her she is a little on the whore side.




hot. hot. hot.

Anybody can look good with photoshop. Come to think of it, I have to decrease my monitor brightness by approx. 60% in order to properly see her face.

Twice I’ve flicked through that magazine, and twice I’ve said “What a skanky whore”.

Twice I’ve looked through those pics, ad twice I’ve though, what a fittie.

I forgive you for not having any taste and not being able to type properly.

Haha, lol, well, I think shes great, how does one spell fittie then? Fitty?