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Rolling Thunder the Movie on TV!

I woke up today and noticed something that made my day. I was doing the normal check of the satellite guide looking for entertaining television. Much to my surprise, I found a listing for Rolling Thunder! As I write this post it is 10:06 in the a.m. Eastern time in the United States of America. It comes on at 10:30 a.m. on the Encore Mystery Movie Channel (for those of you that have Dish Network it is channel 344. Sorry for the short notice that is all I can do. I have not seen this movie so I am so happy. Now I am going to drink some coffee and make a little breakfast before the show.

Entertaining show on tv: Big Brother UK

it’s the only one. except movies, but they show them dubbed in France so I’d rather get my eyebrows shaved instead of watching that.

Rolling Thunder looks like a fine movie, could people share their thoughts about it and help me decide whether I have to buy it or not?

I have it on an old VHS copy I snagged at the video store where I worked when they were selling off their titles.

Good film, the premise is fantastic.

I have it on dvd I bought online. Oh wait, you didn’t hear that. ;D

Anyways it comes on again late night on the same channel for those that haven’t seen it or own it (some how like I do :wink: ).