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Robert on Twitter?

I go by the fact that he’s following/followed by Elizabeth Avellan and Harry Knowles.

Twitter is without a doubt THE most retarded page on the net.

“BioBasterd is wiping ass.” - 8 min ago.

“BioBasterd is taking a shit.” - 10 min ago.

It’s only retarded if what you say is retarded looking…

Yeah, the retarded ones are the normal people with extremely mundane lives tweeting to let you know what they’ve just had for breakfast and how long they had to wait in line at the bank.

It’s kinda cool when it’s an actor, director, or just anybody who’s on a set giving updates on filming. Still kinda depends on the person though. I heard Jon Favreau’s been tweeting from the set of Iron Man 2, haven’t kept up with it though.

Rainn Wilson and Peter Serafinowicz are definitely entertaining to follow.

Rainn Wilson is very funny but I don’t clog my Twitter up with too many famous people. I have Larry David on there and he’s the most famous.

Is he pretty active? CYE is one funny-ass show. I know Bob Weide. Sort of.

He’s not as active as he used to be. Though it probably isn’t him.

Mac Lethal - "At Least we have Twitter"

Mac Lethal - "At Least we have Twitter"

Nice. Brilliant.

I don’t really know our mayor, but I do know my state representatives, state senators, 2 US senators, and my governor. He’s brilliant. There is a big huge bug crawling on my end table right now, and it’s freaking me out. Some sort of beetle I think. I really need to look this up, I’ve never seen it before.