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RIP George Carlin

The greatest stand-up comedian in the world has just left us. :’(

NO!!! :’(

So sad!

R.I.P Carlin.

I agree Scarface, The Greatest comedian in the world. 1a and 1b is Carlin and Pryor.

Again, R.I.P Carlin.

How many great entertainers are we going to lose this year?

He was incredible. Some real bad news. :’(

George Carlin is definitely the greatest comedian and he surely will be missed RIP.


george carlin was one of the great comedian have couple of he’s records

love he’s tv show he will be missed r.i.p god rest he’s soul

One of my top favorite comedians. He’ll def be missed. :frowning:


No…! in peace.

This is truly a shame. He’ll be very missed. R.I.P. George. :frowning:

For those interested, this guy on youtube has a lot of George’s stuff uploaded:

Pity we won’t see any more of his HBO specials. :frowning:

Oh shit, he was one of the very best. Hopefully he’ll meet that invisible man living up in the sky now.

I love his sanctity of life joke. :stuck_out_tongue: