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Rio Bravo and other influences

8) The western talks about the way of the rebels,the proud yet a lonesome one.

Western has always been one of my favourite genres in movies :slight_smile: Why? Because he like his fellow companions spaghetti western and kung fu gives a poetic,artistic tuoch to main human virtutes and flawes,to the ultimate showdowns and gunfights and shows that at the end of every gory story the only thing a lonely rider has is his ‘’…rifle,pony…’’ and him.

’’…You want that gun…?’’-John Wayne,Rio Bravo

Easily one of the best films to enter cinema history*

*iinfluenced many,inspired ‘‘The Man’’ himself,a classic masterpiece.

I love Rio Bravo also. it’s a declared favorite of “the man”

Yeah, Rio Bravo is really great.

Yeh, it’s such a good film.