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Review 2: Electric Boogaloo, please read

what do you guys want me to cover? I am almost done with it, it is fairly fucking long. Anything specific anyone wants to know?

In Pulp, Res or Jackie there are GREEEEEEEEET CHARACTERS like Vincent, Mr White or Ordell but I see that in Kill Bill the characters seems more simple and schaematic. How are the characters describe in the script?

That is one of my problems with the script…there really are no great characters. Besides Bill and the Bride of course…

Just write a cool review Sponge.

Dont forget Insider, the written word becomes real and alive when the characters read them. They will take the words and make them their own and bring their personalities to them.

On a scale of one to ten how was part 1?

im gonna read it again but i would say 7/10.

Just cover the characters, put some cool quotes in talk about the camera shots and the whole exploitation feel of it


Three pages into the review, about seven or eight to go.

Well, we’ve heard a lot about The Bride, Bill, Budd, Elle, Vernita and O-Ren, but what about the smaller characters (Sofie Fatale, L.F. O’Boyle, the Yubari sisters, Alburt…) ? I’d like to know more about them…how large is their involvement, what are they like, etc. And yeah, I’d also like you to add some of their quotes, perhaps…

bob, just write what you think would be cool to know. don’t give away major important spoilers like the one i censored in the other post of yours.

you could write some more about movie references if you like or the other characters, like Budd or so… just be cool.

if you’re done send it to and i’m gonna take a look at it, then i’m gonna put it up.

by the way, my own - not so good - review is online now

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Seb, that review kicked much ass! It was very cool indeed. Spoiler heavy, but very cool. Thanks for writing it.

there’s another topic for my review.

bob, when do you think you’re done with your part 2 review?

All the reviews say that in Kill Bill there are a lot of monologues. My favourite film with monologues and voices off is Casino directed by Scorsese. It´s funny hear the Joe Pesci´s voice telling the story even after of his dead.

Has Kill Bill this type of monologues?

Yeah that is funny the way Nicky Santoro narrates part of the film even though hes dead. Good point. I love narration in films if its used the right way. Especially when the main character is explaining a story. Like in GoodFellas or Apocalypse Now. Which is what Kill Bill is. Its really The Brides story about her adventures and how things led up to her killing Bill. QT has such great dialogue in his movies, Im sure the narration will just add that much more coolness to Kill Bill.

Yeah, those monologues are gonna kick mucho ass. But I believe Spongebob mentioned that the driver’s id monologue (the first one in the movie) has been scrapped…if that’s true, that sucks goatcock, ‘cause it’s definitely my fave Kill Bill quote so far…that monologue rocks…damn diddly damn ! :’(

I don´t remember that Spongebob mentioned this. :-/

Spongebod we need your help!!!

i think he means the first monologue from the following link:

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … script.htm”></LINK_TEXT>

This is the first monologue of the film:



That’s Arthur. Arthur Plympton. The name on his driver’s license was Charles Arthur Plympton, but for some reason he preferred Arthur. Maybe if he went by Charles people would have called him Charlie.  If that was his reason for going by Arthur I can understand it.  Nothing wrong with the name Charlie, except he didn’t look like a Charlie, he looked like an Arthur. Obviously you’ll have to take my word on this.  Speaking of names, I was about two seconds away from becoming Mrs. Charles Arthur Plympton.”

Im getting really confused here.

Someone should get BOTH goddamn version of the script and see whats really missing.

First: how long is Yuki’s Revenge??


P.S. @SEB: what page are u on?


That ID monologue could have been the best in the film, if it was still there. Bill has a fucking fantastic monologue about accidentally killing a pet fish. Easily my fave in the film.

I’m sure there’s plenty of cool monologues in the script, still it’s a goddamn shame about that driver’s license one…it’s a helluvacool first line…was it replaced with anything in particular or was it just cut out ?