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Reservoir Dogs: The Play

How the hell do u figure Fight Club would make a good play? There are too many locations.[/quote]

I was gonna ask him the exact same thing. Some movies which would make great plays IMO:

  • Reservoir Dogs
  • Clerks
  • Tape
  • Casablanca
  • The Royal Tenenbaums
  • Dog Day Afternoon

[quote]some movies are ideal for a play


this was a play originally, and it was adapted to film.

i think it was called luxury suite or something like that.

A Reservoir Dogs Musical could be interesting…

i thionk out of all his movies reservoir dogs would make the best play! pulp is still too long with too many locations, but it is possible because it still has cool dialogue! jackie is a bit boring to put in a play…it only just managed to excite me as a movie and thats coz of QT!

id love to be mr pink…i love the bit where he talks abt how much he hates tipping. Makes a good argument!

makeit reservoir dogs meets west side story

Tony maria maria?

mr. Pink shut the fuck up man

Mr. Blonde what the fuck is with these fucking kids

Mr. white lets shoot these little bastards

( gun shoots the end)

[size=250]^^^ What in the Hell? Do I not understand English anymore??[/size]

Hahahahaha, that’s fucking great. :smiley:

Half of the board members round here are probably high when they post their shit. What the fuck? ???

I actually am high some of the time when I post, and I can still say some shit more coherent than most of the other people here.

[quote]I actually am high some of the time when I post, and I can still say some shit more coherent than most of the other people here.[/quote]

To quote Seth Gecko: [i]I kinda doubt that![/i] ;)

To quote Bruce Lee, “Boards don’t hit back.”

^^^ See. You’re probably high right now and using quotes that don’t make sense at all in the context of our intellectual discussion.

You were talking about me being High and saying incoherent bullshit. Therefore, I said something that was incoherent and bullshit. You do not see the irony in this. :wink:

I’m sorry. It’s just that you’re smarter than I thought you were.

can someone please help me out and tell me how to get the copyright info

NO NO AND NO AGAIN. I have seen Reservoir Dogs as a play. It took me a coupla years to recover. At that time we were also trying to adapt it as a play for a different group of people. You’d think it’d work, but actually it’s only a good idea if you enjoy tiny bits of your heart and soul falling off slowly over two hours

Believe me on this. Do not make this into a play. It’s not even as though it’s never been done. Please :’(