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Reservoir dogs fan film


For a college production entitled Shakespearience where Shakespeare plays are developed to fit a certain stimulus such as 70s, modern day, sci-fi etc i created some short films to show inbetween scene changes.

The stimulus this year was Quentin Tarantino. I remade the infamous mr blonde ear cutting scene, you will hear some minor dialogue, not much but it has been re-written to match the dialogue being used in the Shakespeare plays such as ‘hadst’ and ‘thou’. Forgive the quality, i ripped it straight from the DVD plus uploading it to YouTube has had some what of an effect too. Feel free to comment it, that would be much appreciated. It is one of my first directed pieces.

It was filmed on a Canon XM2.

pretty cool i liked it better than the kill bill one the dancing was hilarious.

ha ha yeah! we had so much fun shooting that, i had to cut a fair few times from laughing so hard!