Reservoir Cats & other parodies


That’s me, man, I just didn’t hope someone’s going to believe it.



haha lovin it




This is so bad. It’s probably drawn by some uncreative guy who wants to make something and he made this. “Doctor Fun”. Every character, who’s name has word “fun” included is not worth seeing, especially if he is the main character in the cartoon. Looks like the thing we should laugh about is that everyone is potatoes, sorry mr. Creative Genius, Farley or something, you didn’t hit the right group, 5 year olds haven’t seen Reservoir Dogs.


who ells agrees Bleach should draw a parody?

reservoir cats vol 2


Every character, who’s name has word “fun” included is not worth seeing.

But what about Tom Fun! from the Vic & Bob sketch in Bang, Bang!


Yeah I recently found a sketch from MAD TV called Gimp Fiction … I think. It wasn’t very funny, it was like a trailer. The best part about it was when it was listing the actors at the end and it said “and also Phil LaMarr” (who was a cast member from the show, he plays Marvin in the movie). Anyway just thought id mention it. Pretty dam cool site here.


“Quentin Tarantino’s, WELCOME BACK, KOTTER” skit on Saturday Night Live is the only one that comes to mind.

[/quote]John Travolta: Oh my god Mr.Kotter I though you was gonna die I swear. LOL!! ;D


hmm…the resevoir cats cartoon. What is Quentin’s message supposed to mean when his cartoon character is talking?

I thought that cartoon would be something he’d get mad about, but in the “making of kill bill” feature on the dvd he’s actually wearing the itchy and scratchy shirt with his cartoon character on it.


My friends and I are making a RD spoof called Reservoir Hot-Dogs before I even saw this site pretty much all the same camerangles and lines once we get it edited we’ll try to get it on the net, threre are a few shots with parts of hands in them but give us a break we’re only 14.


When I was on and looking stuff up on Ron Jeremy. I found out he was in a adult parody titled RESERVOIR BITCHES. I have not seen it, but I would love to :wink:


Surely ‘Reservoir Mogs’ would be a better parody title?


Some random clips:

Spectrum Dogs

Legion of Dogs


Reservoir Dogs in 30 seconds re-enacted by bunnies.


dams spectrum dogs is cool!

Mr. Brown even kinda looks like QT!

that one, same style:

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