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[Region 1] KB Box Set Topic

I know that it’s kinda early to be asking this, but are any of you possibly aware of the projected release date for the Kill Bill: Volume 1-2 DVD box set?

I changed the title of the topic - cps

No. No specs, no art, no release date, no details.

I think it’s best that there’s nothing projected at this time. It would kinda ruin it to find out what to expect from the KB set…

But what would be a date, next year around this time?

umm we don’t know we don’t work ar mirimax, we have just as good a guess as you…

I know

then why did you ask?

On mtv Tarantino stated the box set will have different extras to the seperate versions. If Tarantino stated how he wanted it as one film (not split) why not release it on dvd as one?

[quote]then why did you ask?[/quote]
Just so we can build on it.

djdsc asked in an other topic:

Does anyone know if there are any plans to release an all inclusive box set with all the special editions. ie upgrade the current British boxset to include the special edition reservoir dogs and kill bill 1 + 2. Or is it just nto going to happen?

From an other topic:

Pai Mei Beastie:

So does anyone know when the 2 films are being released as one?

Or has this idea been scrapped cause I’ve heard that as well!


Quentin has big ideas for the Special Edition DVD and he mentioned that he has so much footage for it. He wont scrap this one. I think Kill Bill was his own personal favourite, there is no way he will scrap this

Crazy Hattori:

I’m a bit worried with this “2 Volumes as one” Box Set. No doubt it will kick ass as this was the way QT wanted it in the first place, BUT:

Won’t the movie be too long for one DVD? I don’t want to put in a second disc in the middle of the movie like you have to when you bought the LOTR Expanded Versions. That would be terrible. Any thoughts on that?


its not that big of a deal, i do infact think they should be seperated. so its like a part 1 and 2 thing. and when you feel liek wathcing 2 you pop in 2, not 1 and find the scene…i found that crap…yes i do know the movie is supposed to be one but just my opinion

Il Buono:

they’re hoping to release it by the end of the year


really? i was expecintg to come out like late next year, basically cause i want it badly and with my luck theyll push it back to 2011


QT said that he intended Kill Bill to be one gigantic movie with an intermission at half time. If you have to switch DVDs I think that would be the ideal time to do so.

Is this mentioned before?

In germany the Box Set with both volumes is announced for december 2004. That’s what Buena Home Entertainment published earlier this week.

But there are no informations about features or special versions of both volumes.

I guess they wanna make profit out of the christmas business.

Of course they want that. and that was a forgone tactic.

just a paper box with both dvds in it, and again they can make some money. lets hope that there’ll be a SE early 2005

Its going to be the best boxed set ever.

I will be delirious at the release of the boxed set and Tarantino I am sure is going to pull out all stops, nice to speculate but my mindset as it is just looking forward to spoiled with surprises.