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Reflections on reservoir

I was just thinking 3 members of the original “Dogs” cast are dead and its been 14 years, sure Bunker and Tierney were not that young, but still, they’re dead man, and Harvey Keitel is not exactly a spring chicken. Maybe the passing of those good men just makes 14 years seem like longer than it is, but it’s seems like an eternity. It was so brilliant, and we will always have it, but as time passes new generations will come along and they won’t appreciate it as the cultural milestone it truly was and is. What are your relations to and reflections on this wonder and epic Tarantino cinematic triumph? Do you have any personal stories about how this film affected you?

R.I.P. Lawrence “Joe” Tierney 1919-2002

R.I.P. Eddie “Mr. Blue” Bunker 1933-2005

R.I.P. Christopher Shannon “Nice Guy Eddie” Penn 1965-2006

An epoch is slowly coming to an end. :’(

A personal refection of mine thus being, The ones who recomended the film. While a 15-16 year old in highschool traveling back and forth between towns, I befriended a best friends boyfriend who recomended this film. Now that twicw the amount of time since then has passed, I do not remember when I first had viewed this movie. I do know this,Last year I had purchased the Directors cut and quickly grew infatuated with the soundtrack. The music was set perfectly in the backround to each scene.I was left with the feeling of wanting more.

I remember when I first saw the film I absolutely HATED the ending!!

…well, I still do…but maybe now it makes more sence. :slight_smile:

I remember when I first saw the film I absolutely HATED the ending!!

…well, I still do…but maybe now it makes more sence. :slight_smile:
[/quote]Do you mean the triple suicide with the guns?That is what I recall to be the ending and I did feel that it may have lacked in a solid resolution or somthing of an understanding to the undercover policeman’s true calling.Also I was intensly sad over Mr. pink mainly because I love the Actor. What was it you first hated and then, now what was it that started to make sence to you?

No, I ADORED the mexican stand-off at the end between Eddie, Joe, and White. I just didn’t like how the movie just suddenly ended! With no sign-off or anything.

But then again, maybe there’s really nothing left to show; maybe it’s better just to walk away…