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Has anyone actually seen his survival horror flick?

REALLY looking forward to it.

Is this DVD even out does anyone know?

Also, any word on the Poughkeepsie Tapes yet?

Saw it at the Fantasy Film Fest Nights in Berlin on sunday.

Ok shocking andrenaline movie. The shocking moments are mostly predictable but nevertheless very shocking :smiley: Definetely not my cup of tea, but kinda cool. Tv doku style is great. But it has logical mistakes…

Go and see it yourself.

Night Visions 2008

[quote=“Hung Fist”]
[Rec] (Spain, 2007) – 2,5/5

A news reporter and her cameraman get in the middle of a zombie epidemic in a fully handheld shot Spanish horror movie. The opening is promising and although the movie remains moderately good throughout it offers very little variety. Some characters (like the policeman who’s using more time trying make the reporters shut down their camera than helping people stay alive) and the endless yelling lessen the film’s impact impact. But, it’s a good try, and offers some of the best sudden shocks in recent memory.