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Real life characters in the film


Just as Inglourious Basterds too real life characters and went a different route, we can certainly expect this film to be no documentary neither. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood may take place in 1969 Tinseltown with some real life folks from Manson to Tate, but those folks out there up in arms about that, I think they should wait and see… that’s what bugs me about this phase of movies, all kinds of folks speak out without knowing squat about the project… like Tate’s sister for example


Oh good grief. I get that she’s seen a lot of people exploit her sister’s death over the years and it upsets her. IIRC she’s the one who convinced Trent Reznor to leave that house as well. But she should at least wait until she sees the film or talk to Quentin about the script before jumping to conclusions.


little follow up to that


I knew this was gonna happen… probably more so after she reads the script


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Maybe interesting for some


So he does a good impersonation it seems


Here’s a nice overview


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