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Re: Awsome O-Ren Art


Good picture, what next? you do know there are already threads about Kill Bill art right?


yeah sorry

well if any one wonts then i can scan the interview with lucy and there is some stuff on hattori hanzo


That would actually be illegal. /, but you can if you want…actually that would be cool.


Could you scan, really big, that article of Hattori Hanzo? I would really appreciate it.


That pic of ORen looks like the one I did for my Kill Bill comic book cover, except its a little more smooth. I dont see whats so great about it though.



Can I see your cover?


[quote]Can I see your cover?[/quote]


sue them!


[quote]sue them![/quote]

That’s what I’ma haveta say… :o



Yes. Sue the shit out of them, but first, make it look exactly like it!


Sue them for what?


^ Stealing the idea for the cover of that mag from Toothpick. Nobody is serious, at least thats how I’m taking it.


You wouldnt think so eh?


I dont think he has enough grounds to sue, but if he does, I’m all for it!


hey JDK i would give you that HH article but my image hoster shits on the quality when i upload them so you wouldnt be able to read the text.