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Ray nicolette!

I wondered for the longest time why Ray Nicolette was in Jackie Brown and Out of Sight. For a while I thought that Steve Soderberg just liked the character and stuck him in his movie, because it was just a little part, but then I noticed for the first time the other night when I watched Out of Sight, that the movie was adapted from a book by Elmore Leonard. I felt so fuckin’ stupid.

Yeah, you should feel stupid.

Just kidding, when was Nicolette in Out of Sight anyway?

He’s dating Lopez’s character.

heres something else about those two movies that I was wondering.

Has anybody noticed Samuel L. Jackson at the end of Out of Sight, does anybody know if his character is in any of Elmore leanards other books?

I’m thinking it’s possible that Samuel was or maybe still is planning to play that character in another movie possibly a QT movie.

I know he was going to do forty lashes originally, but I thought that was a western. Anyone have any ideas, or better yet know for sure.

[quote]He’s dating Lopez’s character.[/quote]

Thank you for clearing that up man

he’s playing the same guy because:

both movies are based upon Elmore Leonard novels where the character appears in several of his books.

the makers of Out of Sight did this on purpose. some kind of cross-Leonard link

That character that Sam plays was not in the novel.

I think they just threw him in the mix for the hell of it.

[quote]plus you got michael keaton playing an fbi agent in both[/quote]

Never saw the movie. Is it anygood?


Hell yeah it’s good. Steven Soderbergh does exactly what he was supposed to with this movie. He didn’t run it in traditional linear form. It is all QT style, baby. You have to see that Soderbergh is a QT fan, as well.

"hey tell me ray, you got one of those that says undercover?"

ray nicolet is the coolest gum chewing cowboy cop to ever walk the streets of miami

bob out.

Hmmm never noticed that…