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Question about Tarantino's screeplays

This is my first post here, but I’m having an argument and figured someone out there would be able to help me out. Did the screenplays for Natural Born Killers, True Romance, and Reservoir Dogs all originate from one Tarantino screenplay? Thanks

from what i heard it was just Natural Born Killers and True Romance, Reservoir Dogs didnt have anything to do with it

That’s right. True Romance and NBK originated from a looongg screenplay called “The Open Road”.

There was one TR connection in Dogs. The part about Mr White working with Alabama. But everyones correct about TR and NBK being part of one big script titled “The Open Road” which was written years earlier by QT. I think True Romance was the real story and NBK was a made up story inside of that or something. I cant remember the exact details.

I would love to see or even read the epic of ‘The Open Road’ I think QT’s vision would have been more along the lines of the darkness of a Rob Zombie movie.

hell yeah, a 4 and a half hour david lean/rob zombie-tarantino type flick 8)

Thinking about Tarantino/Zombie I hope he has something to do with ‘Grindhouse’ although he has said he’s not doing a horror movie next, but a few minute’s segment aint-no-thang.

its definitly going down 8)