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Question about Tarantinos movies

I’m studying Germany(or whatever it is called in english… Deutsch, anyway) in school and I am going to write about Quentin Tarantino instead of having a test… So, what I want to know right now(there might be more questions ) is if his movies has got the same name in Germany and if they are dubbed… That’s it for now… Tchüss :wink:

they are all dubbed of course. They have the same titles except:

Four Rooms has something of a “second” or “TV” title called "Sylvester in fremden Betten"

Reservoir Dogs is sometimes called “Wilde Hunde” (but that’s outdated now, the VHS tape was called that way though).

The following titles are not available uncensored in Germany unless you are over 18 and are allowed to buy them:

Reservoir Dogs; From Dusk Till Dawn, Kill Bill Volume 1, Desperado

did I forget anything? i dunno.

what else do you want to know?

Thanks… :slight_smile: Right now that’s all, but I’ll probably have more questions later today or tomorrow …