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Quentins spit

i just seen this video on youtube of quentin in 97 <LINK_TEXT text=“ … re=related”></LINK_TEXT>

anyone know why he spits on chris connlley from mtv? he says something regarding chris doing a story on his dad…?

i hated to see him upset like that.

i did a search before i posted this time in case its been discussed :wink:

good use of slow motion lol

heres another of classic Quentin

oi vey! that lady is all over the place and very rude. i have no idea who she is but i have a feeling all her interviews/movie reviews are negative and annoying. violence is so much fun!!!

Whats the fuzz about him doing something on his dad? QT obviously doesn’t agree :stuck_out_tongue:

Could someone update me? :angel:

“Tarantino thought Connelly was editor on a story printed in Premiere but in fact someone else was editor on the story.”

Ive seen this before… its always funny… particularly the way that Connelly guy says "No i didnt!? "… ive heard people say that Tarantino looks like a snake spitting… but he looks more like a toad spitting it you ask me… i dont event think he hit him…

Hahahaha i have not laughed as much in ages.

I wish Quentin would spit on me. I’d wipe it on a napkin and sell it to Biohazard.