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Quentin's last time at the Drafthouse (news)

To accompany the frontpage news entry I just posted:

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and I want our QT film fest wiki pages extended pronto!!! lol

I apologize if this is a stupid question: Does this mean they are closing the Alamo Drafthouse and there will be no more QT fests in that particular location but he will continue to have QT Fests in another location? OR are we saying goodbye to the QT festivals forever?! :’(

Was it last month or a couple months ago he introduced Grindhouse in an LA theater and I think he showed a few films from his private collection? Will this become a regular event for QT and his fans?

I think they’re just refurbishing it, from what i’ve read online. google it, but I think they’re renovating it…

I think The Alamo Downtown is closing closing and its moving to a place called The Ritz.

i like the shot of the alamo drafthouse in death proof: there is Gimme Shelter, the rolling stones documentary by albert maysles on the marquee

I liked it as well. I was like, hey cool, the Alamo Drafthouse. In the Death Proof end-credits there were more ‘alamo-drafthouse’ people than people from the two bars they shot at. Was there supossed to be a longer sequence inside or something?

i don’t think so… i thought it was more a “let’s give a nod to everyone from the alama” kind of thing.