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Quentin Tarantino Talks to Kirsty Wark

"Cult film-maker Quentin Tarantino discusses his groundbreaking work.

As a script writer Tarantino has been responsible for True Romance, Natural Born Killers and From Dusk Till Dawn.

As a director he has gained recognition for his controversial debut, Reservoir Dogs, which spawned a cult cinema following, and the hugely successful Pulp Fiction. Then there was a hiatus of six years after his highly regarded homage to Blaxploitation films, Jackie Brown.

But in 2003 Tarantino was back with the release of the first of a two-part movie, the martial arts revenge film, Kill Bill: Volume 1.

Contains very violent scenes and strong language.

Sat 17 Apr, 00:05-00:35- BBC 4"

For anybody who has BBC 4, you might want to watch this. I’m recording this, might be interesting!!

think this has been on bbc 4 and bbc 2 before, it was promotion for kb 1, i didnt proper watch it though coz it seemed to have loads of clips in and i didnt wanna spoil the movie. the bits i saw were pretty funny though like when she says “youre even referencing yourself with the classic tarantino car boot shot” and hes like “it just happens that i have scenes that involves a car boot in my movies - where else are you gonna put the camera?!” lol

i set this to record last night and there was something wrong with the fuckin VCR and so it didn’t record!! But i watched the last 10 mins of it and yeh he was wearing those same clothes he was in when he came to England to promote Volume 1!! oh well, it was only on for 1/2 an hour anyways… fuck, who am i kiddin, its really gettin to me!