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Quentin Tarantino: Shooting from the Hip [Wensley Clarkson]

I’ve read Quentin Tarantino: Shooting From The Hip by Wensley Clarkson. The first half of the book is interesting, it gives some background information on his mother and documents his early years. But the writer kisses Quentin’s ass waaay too much in the second half.

Here’s the official bookpage on this:

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Okay, guys, I just saw that there are some new topics about QT books.

Can someone help me out with some information about: Shooting from the Hip?

Who can post reviews? Who hated it? Who liked the book?

this was released in 95. written like a novel (dialogue scenes etc.) and focuses on how quentin came to be who he was and how he achieved what he did. it’s a major attempt to reconstruct quentin’s life. a thorough book, clearly more useful, less flashy and more interesting than the other ones i’ve read at the time (king pulp and something or other). apart from using every conceivable existing source, the author interviewed more than 100 people, including, it seems, quentin’s mother and all sorts of collegues, friends, assistants, and acquaintances. (tarantino himself declined.) I’m sure a lot of the books that followed drew on this one as a resource, although some parts of the book would have to be revised today, given how much more information about quentin is available now.

the author also assambled a long, unofficial list of quentin’s favorite movies, drawn from articles and interviews.

i don’t agree with norma that the writer kisses quentin’s ass at all, it’s an honest book about a flawed human being.

well he’s got a new book out, i’m looking forward to that one also

This was the first book about Quentin I ever read.