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I think QT should give something back to his fans (even though no one saw GRINDHOUSE) by giving a few minutes of his life by addressing his new projects to us, or just comment on how things are going. Zach Braff has his own blogspace, he’s writing and directing a new film, he discussed that with his fans. So I say if QT cares – BLOGSPACE!!! A blog is not an every day thing, it’s like once a month, but who cares, I wanna see some QT blog dammit!!! Seb make it happen!!!


Didn’t you hate Zach Braff?

But anyway, yeah, would be great, I mean, how much time does it take to post something in a blog? And people would really read it and eevrything.


That was before he didin’t answer my fan mail. Bu he did answer my fan mail! He gave a picture himself on the set of [SCRUBS], it was autographed. Zach Braff is the master of comedy. “EAGLE!!!”