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Quentin Tarantino Banner

I was kindly wondering if someone could possibly make me a Banner for my signature with a Quentin theme?

If anyone is possible to make one please could you show me a few examples so that I can pick the one I like best.


WelshAngel x

I made a Kill Bill banner for myself, I think it’s the best of all you can find here. No, you can’t use it. Anyway there is a banner contest, you can pick from there.

I’d be happy to make one for you, if you let me know what sort of thing you want on it. Tarantino-theme is a bit vauge lol!

Yeah, I can do one too, post like MiaRose said : precise a little what do you want… show some photo which you want to mixe up, or sort of banners you want.

Or you have the other solution that Bleach mentionned : go watch the banners already made (in the banners contests) and choose yourself… :wink:

taken from the info on offer… here ya go…