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Quentin Tarantino and Samuel L. Jackson on Jonathan Ross

Yesterday night Sam and QT were on the Jonathan Ross show…I didnt find it online yet…

Anyone else seen this?

what was that all about?

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I only saw the last bit with Sam and they were joking about snakes on a plane…the above link gives an overview of the interviews…

I think it will be on youtube soon :slight_smile:

It was great, real fun. Well worth watching.

Finally online on youtube!

check it out!

Part I:

Part II: click on it on youtube, you bastards! :wink:

Very cool! I watched both parts.

It was funny to hear QTs school drop out story and how he met Tony Blair’s wife in the hotel.

Thanks for posting! ;D

Sam Jackson’s always surrounded by hot chicks, what a pimp!

Thx for the interview, very interesting.

About Sam and hot chicks, ahah, when I saw him in Cannes, he was all surrounded by two similar blonde chicks too ahah. I love in the interview when he pretends to be mad because Jonathan Ross hasn’t seen The Mack.

Oh and you can’t stop QT talking, even the vid is cut in two while he’s talking over and over again. Even when you’re making fun of him cause he’s never seen a woman putting make-up on her face, he’s still all excited and back on talking, ahah. Jonathan Ross is right to say QT seems crazy, he sure does, but it’s a good thing :stuck_out_tongue:

QT is also right to say if you can do something in real life, stunts can do it too, no need of cgi. I don’t mind about cgi, depends on how they’re used. Cause it seems like nowadays every movie has a cgi part, even when there’s no use. It’s actually more spectacular to see a movie without cgi or with very good cgi parts, which don’t look like cgi.

It depends on what genre youre working in. If youre doing sci-fi/super hero/comic book type movies, then CGI is acceptible. If youre doing a real life film you shouldnt use CGI unless its just not humanly possible to shoot something.

Ahah, superhero or sci-fi movies needs cgi cause… such stuff never happens in real life :

QT is also right to say if you can do something in real life, stunts can do it too, no need of cgi. [/quote]

Now even sci-fi or superhero movies often overuse cgi. Look at the last Star Wars, how did George Lucas back with the first episodes ? Did he invented cgi ? Ahah. No, seriously, look at some parts of the last Spidey, which I loved btw, but focus on the flying fights, you don’t clearly understand what happens cause it’s all confused with all the pixels fighting in front of your eyes. :stuck_out_tongue:

Its all about how/when its used. Most directors just overuse it these days. It really does pull you out of a movie too.

Which part do you like Samuel Jackson in most??

Me-I wish he was more in Kill Bill than the organist…