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Quentin Marathon 2005

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Quentin Tarantino arrives on the movie scene out of nowhere with a reinvention of the subgenre heist film. Watching this film in 1992 gave me a whole new outlook on what movies could be. The opening scene reminded me of one of the opening scenes of the film that pretty much started me off as being a movie geek: Brian DePalma’s Scarface (1983). I didnt know what hit me when I watched Dogs for the first time, all I could remember was how crazy it was. Some fast talking guy with theories about Madonnas “Like A Virgin”, A rambling speech about tipping and 70s AM hits, lots of guns going off with blood flying everywhere. Then that ear cutting scene. When I saw that one, I knew we had a new wildman director on our hands. Soon after I saw Dogs, I saw another film called True Romance which I LOVED. When I saw it was written by the guy who did Reservoir Dogs I thought: No wonder I loved it!

Reservoir Dogs is one of those special films to me like Repo Man or Easy Rider. When I watch it, its like going back to a certain time in my life when I needed something new and different in film. Its also like hanging out with my old friends: Mr White, Mr Orange, Mr Pink, Nice Guy Eddie, Mr Blonde, Mr Blue, Joe Cabot, Holdaway.

Reservoir Dogs was a new beginning for me as a film lover.

Reservoir Dogs is my favourite Tarantino movie, Pulp Fiction is less chic though it has better dialogues, but the atmosphere of RD is unique. Most gangster films have their gangsters fake, while RD robbers were all differently cool with their characters being deeper than stone faced coat wearin’ mafia guys. Reservoir Dogs looks like a perfect crime movie, made with great actors really doing their best, because it is incredible how good they all were. It seriously looks BIG, everybody can see it’s a GOOD movie. It has a great script. It has stylish humour, it has these different characters perfectly developed. I’m talking wild here, that’s because I’m just giving this movie my best compliments at one time trying to make it short. But it is wonderful. Just look at the timeline:

  1. “Now this is interesting, bunch of gangsters drinking coffee and talking shit that seems to make sense, but wait a minute, they don’t look serious to me”
  2. “WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED?” We don’t know what was their target, but we see that they’ve failed and this slacker-like dude has been shot.

    And so it holds secrets even until Mr. Pink appears. There’s the runaway scene, just as we get used to it, we are back at the hideout.
  3. Mr. Blonde appears and we are absolutely focused on the movie, because it’s going really weird, nobody is acting like usual.
  4. So we are looking at script developing slowly. Who’s the rat? How did Orange got shot? Where are the others?
  5. Plot breaks when one of my favourite movie scenes take place - Mr. Blonde raises tension so high and then he’s a bloody fucking mess. At that point we have forgotten everything, it’s only “will he light the fire or not”.
  6. “Okay, Orange is the rat, so why the fuck did police guys shot him? Mistake or what?”
  7. Training scenes. We fall in love with Orange until the name giving scene.
  8. And here we see how everything happened, but we get fucked up because it’s not like we thought.
  9. One of the most “whoa, shit” scenes in my life is when Marvin gets shot so easily. His life was important for us now, because he was saved and we know he’s the good guy and so on.
  10. Conclusion, Pink escapes, everybody else dies.

    I mean it’s a fucking 1h40 tragedy with plot twisting and changing, Tarantino fucking up with our emotions and changing sides and the situations in this well filmed movie. I love it.

Cool idea. Let me put my own two cents: :slight_smile:


This is the movie which made me interested to explore further the Quentin Tarantino universe. I had seen From Dusk Till Dawn before it, but it was Reservoir Dogs which made me experience for the first time the Tarantino vibe. And I have to admit the fact that I loved it simply because it was so different from all the other movies I had watched before in my life. I mean, here I am watching a heist movie which does not show the actual heist. A memorable torture sequence which doesn’t show the actual torture. The aftermath of a Mexican stand-off which is left open for every interpretation. All these were the first reasons why I fell in love with QT’s style of filmmaking. The fact that he likes to tease and play with his audience made me realise that I was not just a passive moviewatcher watching some film by some guy who likes guns and cusswords. I was actually drawn to the whole situation and became actively involved with the movie in trying to draw my own conclusions. Does Mr. Pink survive at the end? Does he manage to escape with the diamonds? What’s the deal with Mr. Orange’s wedding ring? Who’s this Alabama girl whom Joe Cabot mentions to Mr. White? How did Mr. Blue lose his life? The movie actually begs you to try and give an answer to these questions, so much so that it doesn’t just remain a Quentin Tarantino movie, but it actually becomes your movie. The same reason why I fell in love with David Lynch’s work some years later. All I have to say is bravo QT, you managed to make me a huge fan on your very first attempt.

i’d like to join please!

Go ahead, but does this mean we’ve started? Isnt week 1 Jackie Brown?

So do we just start talking about Jackie?

How about this. Official date (watch Jackie Brown on) September 10. Five days for a free more people to get in on this, then we’ll start.