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Quentin Marathon '05 - Reservoir Dogs Week 5

Sorry I didn’t post it a day earlier. But I’ve already watched it. So Ill start talking about it.

The first time I watched Reservoir Dogs, it blew me away. A movie about gangsters on the run with a number of flashbacks. Plus, they steal diamonds, which is the point of the film, but you never see them do it. Reservoir Dogs, is my second favorite QT movie, with some of my favorite actors, Michael Madsen (who is the best in this movie), Tim Roth and Steve Bescemi. That may be spelt wrong but whatever.

Plus, how could we forget the “dick dick dick” speech. Some of QTs best.

I think I already wrote my thoughts on this when we first started the marathon, so everyone else can continue on with the topic.

Yeah, I know some of you already did.

Well… for the rest of us, lets get on what we think.

I dont think Resevoir Dogs is Quentins best movie, there are certainly a few flaws in it, but it is a movie that is very personal to me. Its the movie that got me interested in movies other then just mainstream summer popcorn flicks. If i hadnt watched this movie i probably never would have watched a scorsese or leone film.

All the actors give great preformances, I also love how you never see the actual robbery but just the aftermath. Mr. Blonde’s torture of that cop remains one of my favorite seens of all time, and the name, it just oozes cool.

I think that this is my fav Tarantino-movie.

I love the torture-scene, to. It is just too cool :stuck_out_tongue:

And the music, it’s supercool :smiley:

This is my favorite Tarantino movie. I think this is Quentin at his best at screenwriting. This has really great dialogue, camera work, it’s hilarious. Sound like the making of a good Tarantino movie to me!

Reservoir Dogs is the first Tarantino movie I ever watched and it changed my life. After that I watched every other movie made by Quentin Tarantino and couldnt get enough of him. So Reservoir Dogs still holds a special place in me.

I would like to point out a problem I am having. In Reservoir Dogs, while Nice Guy, Orange, White, and Pink are in the car, Nice Guy calls Steve Buschemi, Mr. Pink. But I thought they were driving to the warehouse to get there codenames. I know this has been comented on before but I’m having problem with it.

well, Eddie being the son of Joe probably knew the names in advance, and nobody reacted on it because it kind of sounds like a silly insult these guys call eachother “im gonna have to agree with pink/pinky/faggot on this one”

That’s sounds about right I guess.

On Encore channel on Christmas day, Michael “Mr. Blonde” Madsen is hosting “A very Quentin Christmas,” which is all of Tarantino’s movies shown from noon-midnight, back-to-back, chronological order, in letterbox format. Take care, enjoy, and Happy Holidays ;D

Yeah I know man. That’s gonna be awesome. The thing is that I always go to different relatives for Christmas but… I’m still taping it. hahaha