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Quentin likes ''The Great Escape''-do you like it too?


Do you adore this movie?

  • I love it
  • I like it
  • Well, it´s okay,but…
  • No…

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I adore that movie-clearly ‘‘The Man’’ has a thing for good films :stuck_out_tongue:


I love this movie. Have seen it 10000 times


I love it, how can you not


I love it, it’s one of my favorite movies.


Oh, great, when I voted I knew the results were gonna be like that.

I’ve seen it only once, recently, it was terrific, I loved it from the beginning to that “Dedicated to the fifty” sentence, excellent. I watched it at night eating french cheese, lying in a sofa, one of the best conditions for a film. I just don’t understand one thing: why is Steve McQueen’s face covering my Great Escape DVD as if the whole story revolved around him? There were such better characters like Bartlett or the semi-blind man. They should definitely change it.


Everybody loves it. This is one of those rare non-asian movies I’ve bought during the last couple of years


[quote=“Hung Fist”]
Everybody loves it. [/quote]


Has nothing to do with QT.



Has nothing to do with QT.

No, it’s one of his most favourite movies, there’s a list somewhere in the forum.


I prefer Papillon.


No, it’s one of his most favourite movies, there’s a list somewhere in the forum.

searching the list

i got this, but i don’t see the sense in this topic.

He’s liking the movie, me too. and now ?


It’s just like they write “QT’s favourite movie” on TgTbaTU discs. I personally didn’t know anything else about The Great Escape when I bought it. If it wasn’t loved by QT I guess I still wouldn’t have seen it yet.


I prefer Papillon.

me 3


I love The Great Escape. Thanks to Claudia for giving me that great DVD of it some years back. The music is awesome and there are great actors.

I think Papillion is a bit long and exhausting, but also a great movie


I prefer Papillon.

really? Papillon is great but i think The Great Escape is miles ahead, Papillon is indeed a little bit exhausting, little too much adventure for my liking, Steve McQueen is probably better in it than in GE but GE is just the better picture, sometimes a little less is more


I’m not always a fan of long films, but I think Papillon is one of the few films where the lenght of the film has an important role… I think it’s really important in showing the pain and wasted life of Henri “Papillon” & all the other inmates who were send to Guiane.

I liked the Great Escape too… but it just had less of an impact on me


May I burn in movie hell for all eterniety…but no, I do not love this film. It just doesnt keep my intrest and I usually give up on it halfway through…not even good ole Steve on his motorbike is enough to get me through it :frowning:


i dont love it i just like it , … and i know a lot of you people are clicking on love it just because Quentin loves the great escape


i love it cause the actual escape sucks you into the screen to fucking much it’s crazy, like you’re actually in the tunnel gliding away, i love the fact they come 6 feet short, i love the fact they get caught, i love the fact Bronson is scared shitless, i love they get killed, it’s just perfect, a film made for the audience, cause all i wanted to happen, happend, great!


After watching Charles Bronson’s parody Simpsons and hearing a lot of that “sarcastic voice guy” who’s voice is about to be just like Bronson’s, I was totally shocked when he dropped the Polish (Danny’s Polish, right?) accent and told something in his “Bronson” voice, exactly like in the Simpsons, perfect. It’s in the shower scene. The German guy asks him something and he replies. I should see more of his movies.


Two Words: Steve McQueen