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Quentin and Audio Commentary


Yeah, QTs great to listen to. Watching Hostel with the commentary on (featuring QT) was more entertaining than the actual film.

Btw, Scar, everytime I see your new name I think Exhale’s back and then I realise it’s just you! I’ll get used to it though.


I know I’m a little late here (But–As I pointed out at the Deuce board–I finally got a copy of HOSTEL II a little while back) and while going through the producer’s commentary tonight (On which he appears on) He’s definetly spilled more secrets on filming DOGS,PULP,KILL BILL, and even DEATH PROOF than any common featurette to be found on any current DVD of his. My guess is that he’s waiting for a few more years to pass by to give a more retrospective account on the movies he’s made. It’s obvious that he’s got a lot of stories to share, it’s just that he feels now’s not the time to go into detail about all the stories and wisdom that he’s put into his movies. What a smart aleck. 8)


Now Im gonna have to buy it just for that. Im not even an Eli Roth fan.


Where can I listen to commentaries on the web? is there any sites?


As much as I would love more Quentin commentaries, I really wouldn’t hold my breath, guys. I think he’s one of those guys who, like Paul Thomas Anderson and David Lynch, prefers to leave the film to speak for itself without the bells and whistles that DVDs can sometimes bring. I’m not saying I agree with this viewpoint, but my feeling is if he was ever going to do a commentary track for his films, he would’ve done one already. But he consistently refuses to supply one. If commentaries were something he enjoyed doing and felt his movies would benefit from, he would’ve done one already. Just my opinion. Could be wrong.