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QT's Halloween Party Bus

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[quote]What do Quentin Tarantino, blue-and-gold spandex, and Asian Snooki have in common?

If you guessed that they were all parts of Tarantino’s 2010 Halloween experience, you guessed correctly!

Tarantino dressed as a Mexican wrestler with a spandex mask and velvet jacket, and he took a bus around L.A., where he crashed a bunch of house parties, along with several attractive women, including Asian Snooki.

Here’s what a “spy” had to say about Tarantino’s Halloween adventure:

“Quentin filled the bus with girls and alcohol and drove around crashing house parties. He seemed to be enjoying the company of quite a few women, including an Asian Snooki, an angel and a mermaid. He unloaded everybody at a mansion in the Hollywood Hills, where he sat on the sofa surrounded by the girls. It was as good as any scene in his movies.”

Just read this report this morning. Perez Hilton reported it, so I really don’t believe it. I can’t imagine QT in spandex as a Mexican wrestler. Spandex ???

It was reported by several sources as of yesterday. I didn’t believe it at first either, especially since were are no pics up yet.

Hmm. pics would be great. Then I would believe it.

yeah pictures would be awesome :wink:

What a pimp. I find it kinda hard to believe, but still, P.I.M.P.