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QT TV Series

Since people keep posting about movies that will NEVER be made, i.e. Pulp Fiction 2, how about a television show based on QT characters and their adventures throughout the series?

I would prefer seeing fucking good movies from QT in a theatre with a Screenplays written by himself.

I don´t belive that a person is able to create such good characters like QT made ever and ever again for a serie.

For me he should make good movies for theatres and - also - directing and acting in TV or writing scripts or books, whatever


I like to be surprised about the ideas a director has to develope his characters, to bring them close to the audience. I love to go to a theatre. It is for me a other thing than watching TV.

Normal Series has their own fuckings rules. There are some series I like but…

Maybe the most of you wanna kill me but for me:Please no series about:

“The youth of O Ren Shi”.

“The bride make it again: Wedding No II”