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QT 'Spitting Image' Parody

'Bastards In Short Pants’

Has anybody seen this? just browsing around and found it is on one of the ‘Spitting Image’ DVD’s

although I cant find any other information…

Spitting Image – From F.A to Fair Play

Discover the secrets of the pre-match talks between Venables and the England team. Find out what the Queen really said to the German line-up. See how Graham Taylor would have lost it. Enjoy expert commentary from Bjork, Jeremy Clarkson and Keith Richards, Learn and sing along to the Politically Correct Terrace Chants. See a sneak preview of Tarantino’s most violent film yet – “Bastards in Short Pantsâ€?. Share the most secret thoughts of Jean- Paul Gauliter on the romantic side of football. AND NOT MUCH MORE! Expect the football. Oh Yes.ÂÂ