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QT Kill Bill interview DVD

I got this dvd with a newspaper, its about 45 minutes/an hour long, and its a really cool interview with Quentin. Its exclusive to the newspaper sort of thing so if youre not from the UK its unlikely you’ll have ever seen it. If anyone has anything similar and would want to do some sort of swap or something, let me know. :slight_smile:

yeah it’s that rare promo DVD. try not to give it away, it’s worth a lot of money ;D

:wink: ive got 3 of those dvd’s and yeah its a great interview with Quentin, i just hope the same newspaper does something for kill bill vol 2, another dvd would be nice ;D

You got 3 of those? Lemme get one :slight_smile:

Wasn’t that the one that got posted around the time Vol.1 came out.

Most people downloaded it…