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QT getting too confident?

What fuckin ego? The war film is a fuckin remake of another back in the 70’s. You have NO idea what the fuck you’re talking about.

I really wanna hurt this guy, Quentin thought he could make a samurai film before kill bill didn’t he? I’m sure he thought he could make a war film.

he finished the war-script before he finished the kill bill script…

Hey Sonny_long i hate to tell you but you got Served

[quote]he finished the war-script before he finished the kill bill script…[/quote]

Not true. Inglorious Bastards isn’t done yet. But the idea was worked on more seriously before Kil Bill.

Yeah, this doesn’t even make any sense Sonny. Nobody said Steven Spielberg was cocky when he went from Indiana Jones to Schindler’s list. It’s what being a filmmaker is all about; doing new things.

Yep, there was a time when QT was thinking of doing the war film before making Kill Bill. He probably wrote the Inglorious Bastards and the Kill Bill scripts simulteanously, depending on his mood. For the 100th time in a row sonny, know your shit before you speak.

[quote]Hey Sonny_long i hate to tell you but you got Served


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inglorious bastards isnt a remake, if it was QT wouldnt have spent all that time resaerching it and writting the scripts. there was a war film from the 70’s called Glorious Bastards, but QT is just borrowing the name, he’s not remaking it. from what ive heard one of the characters will have the same name as a character from the 70’s film, but thats to pay hommage to it. its not a remake. i think.

[quote]ah fuck ya all ya cunts, go discover masturbation!![/quote]

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[quote]ah fuck ya all ya cunts, go discover masturbation!![/quote]

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over confident? bleh, thats a phrase used soley by born losers. Hes in the film industry, growing and changing at warp speed. One re-invents his self. It doesnt mean you are compensating what makes you you. In Tarantino’s case, since hes such a movie fan, he probably wants to dabble into everything , and he can, hes earned his clout.

Personally, I think that it would be incredible for quentin to try a musical. He can put his stamp on it, maybe even reinvent the genre, pick up some new fans, recycle some cinema stand bys that hollywood has since neglected.

Sounds fun, cant wait.

and hey, musicals are fun, you gotta like at least one of them, cant call yourself a movie fan if you only stick to one genre your whole life.

Love on ya


that is awesome[/quote]

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