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QT getting too confident?

I love QT, admire all his work, but can’t help but think maybe this guy is starting to think he can pull off anything.

He struck lucky with Kill Bill, i mean big difference to his usual crime films. Then he’s gonna do a war film and in an interview hes sayin somewhere down the line he could do a musical. Hmmmm…

Any thoughts??

Dig into what kinds of films we watches you moron, then you’ll know EXACTLY why he’s doing these films.

Aint a moron!

Great directors should have the balls to expand their talent and explore new horizons. QT is doing just that, and I admire him for it.

we’re gonna get a flood of these type of guys now that vol. 2 is coming out

people try to rable rouse fans cause they’re anxious

and want to get into a disagreement and verbally feud

dont fall into it

I love Kill Bill, just not as much as RD. But I aint tryna argue, i just wanna see what other peple think about Tarantino takin on all these genres. I mean let’s say steve martin. Synonamous with comedy suddenly says

"I got a few projects lined up. One I’m playin a psychopathic murderer, another I’m playin a gay guy in a sanitorium, and another I’m playin a 4 year old"

In fact I’d see them all

So my point is probably void now

you like 'dogs so much

whats your favorite scene in reservoir dogs?

never been a steve martin fan myself…as for quentin doing different genres, why wouldn’t he? who wants to get locked into a repetetive pattern?

Yeah I know but he’s enjoyin doin what he was doin. I mean I love seein a good QT crime film, but i aint so enthusiastic bout war films. But his life

Fave scene. While Mr. Pink and Mr. White begin their argument to when Mr. Blonde and White argue. That shows everything, the issues of conflict in white particularly between honor and friendship. Pink showing professionality but no lack of humanity, and Blonde coming into the middle of it to fuck it all up by not caring one iota.

But are you so ignorant to the fact that the war film is a remake? Or that Kill Bill is a homage film?

You ARE a moron.

Why should I know its a remake. And I know its a homage but that don’t mean shit.

Stoopid fuck!

How am I dumb when you don’t know what the film is based on. You act like you know nothing about these films, and you probably don’t.

Oh and saying someone is

is a masterful way to contradict yourself.

Man lighten the fuck up, you got nothin better than talkin shit over the net. This is message board wuithopinions based on Tarantino and his films, NOT bout the other users on the board. Maybe you shouldn’t reply or click on any of my threads in the future cos I don’t see either one of us budgin!

To quote James Brown (Sort of): "I’m a trooooll man! Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo, I’m a troll man!"

Sonny, why did you come in here and start this big fight. Nobody like people who try and slam on QT, especially with two topics in a row. You gotta get your act together or you’re not going to be very popular around these parts.

alright well i didnt sart no fight, and its all you shoutin aty me. but thats history. forget it cos its childish. it was just a point but i wont criticise qt again if it make u all happy. jus dont b m,akin things personal

[quote]alright well i didnt sart no fight, and its all you shoutin aty me. but thats history. forget it cos its childish. it was just a point but i wont criticise qt again if it make u all happy. jus dont b m,akin things personal[/quote]

That was an AWESOME typing job. :slight_smile:

heeey off to a good start compliments. ;D

Seriously truce

We’re square.

back on topic, how is QT being “too confident” by doing different movies? huh? you would rather see 10 pulp fictions than 10 different amazing movies. a QT musical would be awesome. it would probably be the first musical i like. its kinda funny because i thought this topic was about QT’s ego and how some people think it is too large. but QT being too confident for doing different movies? thats crazy.

I admire his aim, but I mean personally I think that before he did Kill Bill he’d never have thought of tryin to do a war film, but kill bill just made him like HEY IF I CAN DO SAMURAI WHY THE FUCK CANT I DO WAR!! IT’S AMERICAN YEP YEP YEP!! But again thats just me, but dont take it eprsonal guys im sure it’ll b great but i see an ego growin