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QT at The Golden Globes

I dont know if anyone mentioned this already but our old pal QT was at the Golden Globe Awards with Uma. He had glasses on and he was talkin to Richard Gere and chillin out.

I also think it was him who screamed “SOFIA!!” when Sofia Coppola won her Best Comedy Film Award. It sounded like him.

Yeah, I saw him at the table with Uma. Who looked stunning, by the way.

Knew she wasn’t going to win, but got excited when her name was called anyhow.

Yeah, I saw him with her as well. Were they sitting a special “Kill Bill” table, with other people from the movie? I didn’t really see anyone else besides QT and Uma. Was she there with her new boyfriend, or maybe QT was her date? ;D Not like it would matter anyway, both Sarah Jessica Parker and Jennifer Aniston were sans husbands last night and its not like there’ve been any divorces.

Does Uma have a new boyfriend? I didn’t know that.

I’d appreciate it if someone posts some pics of the night, provided you find some. ;D

uma did look good last night

did you notice how uncomfortable she got when they put the camera on her for 'best actress in a drama’

she looked liked she wanted to crawl under the table for some reason.

also, i only saw uma and QT, nobody else, not even lawrence bender. i guess that QT was uma’s date.

Rumor has it that QT and Uma are going out.

Uma is dating a friend of her. I read that on the internet. I dont know of its true.

i wouldnt be suprised if QT had a thing for her since pulp fiction. why else did he always go “uma thurman will kill bill”.

[quote]i wouldnt be suprised if QT had a thing for her since pulp fiction. why else did he always go “uma thurman will kill bill”. [/quote]

What does the tagline have to do with anything? He just joked around. Now, if he said something like "Uma Thurman will suck my dick" then it would begin to mean something.

so you mean to tell me that if you constantly said some tagline that involved someone of the opposite sex that you know, you wouldnt maybe be a little interested in her?

Like OMG Quentin totally has a crush on Uma! :stuck_out_tongue:

i dunno it was just a thought i had

It’s so obvious Tarantino wants Uma to bear his children…

[quote]I’d appreciate it if someone posts some pics of the night, provided you find some.  ;D [/quote]
Scarface, the [color=Yellow]Globes’

Quentin pictures (2)

Uma pictures (83!)

Many others available at the website.

[quote]It’s so obvious Tarantino wants Uma to bear his children…[/quote]

I´m pretty sure, that many guys think the same.. ;)

But probably, the both only wanna have fun at the Globe nomination. In Germany there are a lot of rumours, that Uma has a friend from NY, who owns a hotel there.
Maybe she cames without her boyfriend, cuz she hates all this shit talked about her private life. And QT was there, cuz he made the movie.
I have to say, Uma looks great a the pics from the Golden Globe.

Thanks for the pics O-Ren :). About the QT-Uma thing, Quentin always stated that Uma was just his muse. Of course, there could be different interpretations of what that means. I think they’d make a sweet couple if they really hooked up together though. Anyone remember the Vol.1 premier pics? ;D

Yeah, the pics are awesome O-ren! Much obliged. =)

Not that it makes it any more credible, but the whole thing about Uma dating a hotel owner guy is something I’ve read several places. Granted, they were all either on the internet or in tabloids, but hey. That doesn’t necessarily make them UNtrue…but still.

And, personally, the fangirl in me would love to see Q and U hookup. Its oddly fascinating to watch a 40 year old famous, rich, movie director chase after something it appears he can’t have… ::slight_smile: Or maybe thats the hopeless romantic in me.

QT kinda looks like the role he played in vol. 1

Q.T. + Uma = HECK YEAH ! That would so rock.

At IMDb, news section:

Tarantino Hints at Romance with Thurman

Kill Bill director Quentin Tarantino has hinted at a romance with pal Uma Thurman - despite recently declaring his joy for her new relationship with hotelier Andre Balazs. The eccentric film-maker had been rumored to be dating statuesque Thurman after her marriage to Ethan Hawke dissolved last year, but Tarantino dispelled any suspicions of such a relationship when he confirmed her romance with Balazs. But now Tarantino says on whether he and Thurman have advanced their relationship past the friendship stage, “I’m not saying that we haven’t, and I’m not saying that we have. We love each other, but we’re almost too close now to be a couple. We had out life together on Kill Bill. It was like a marriage in every way.”